Watching Rome Burn (Whole Grain, Palm Sized Rounded)

“even the posset separates if it is not stirred”


oh how happy to be a slave

It felt like, my skeleton was attempting to extract itself from my body.

ignoti nulla cupido

Clings fast virtus


the small scale domestic purpose of things


we can have no good idea of the representation without knowing in some measure the thing represented

The return of the notoriously Mr Big

For what is an abstraction but an object whose being consists in facts about other things

de dum de dum


You have to do the washing up, weetabix, like frigging concrete.



p nor q

to each thing its own measure

to each its own space

•                            •

Washing up bowl 

=(o·)=( ()· (ッ)

leave that translation free, some additional  Anglo Saxon terms, added to the string, in my head in invisible cat.

Lo, like a Cheshire cat our court will grin.*

Note (In the Absence of this thing)

Do Cowboys Wear Socks?

Every bowl in the house in his bedroom!

Anyway. In search of a bowl of cornflakes.

blah bah blah, ‘logical garnet’


If I open the key to the vault.


Long way down, to the hoo. But it glitters at its core.

Object is timeless now, it’s context and time a differing matter. Invisible thing, grave goods but no body (unless the science has improved since I last looked).

Excellent video and introduction, to the object, itself.

dig the heel

brown the green

springs the life

rides the wave

red are its berries

nothing is sweet



• O *


touching fish

•                            •

of the senses


I spent all my life painting and drawing until I had children. Time, not very good at keeping track of it, I would just get lost often for days.

Really tempted to by some art materials but, I would just get lost, for days. Word press editor, thing of nightmare to diagram with, but its fast, learn to deal with the constraint, more sophistication, I would spend to long doodling, also seriously out of practice.

Fast, simple, I like that. Terse. To the



Leonora Carrington


The British-born artist Leonora Carrington (1917–2011) is one of the more fascinating figures to emerge from the Surrealist movement. As both a writer and painter, she was championed early by André Breton and joined the exiled Surrealists in New York, before settling in Mexico in 1943. The magical themes of Carrington’s otherworldly paintings are well-known, but the recent discovery of a suite of tarot designs she created for the Major Arcana was a revelation for scholars and fans of Carrington alike. Drawing inspiration from the Tarot of Marseille and the popular Waite-Smith deck, Carrington brings her own approach and style to this timeless subject, creating a series of iconic images. Executed on thick board, brightly coloured and squarish in format, Carrington’s Major Arcana shines with gold and silver leaf, exploring tarot themes through what Gabriel Weisz Carrington describes as a ‘surrealist object’. This tantalising discovery, made by the curator Tere Arcq and scholar Susan Aberth, has placed greater emphasis upon the role of the tarot in Carrington’s creative life and has led to fresh research in this area.


Major Arcana: Leonora Carrington, Fulgar

A Fisher, Ahead of the pack, Leonora Carrington’s tarot card art- in pictures



“surrealist object”

“performance of the marvelous”

Link to some of the images here

my own clunky addition would be,


‘effortless movement’

as to Annie in the sun

I would also like a copy of the book.

I don’t like the term other- wordly. But that is just me, one of two things.


movement/ abstraction

Take That

àrna Moire


Bewaar die knikkertjie


Add a much older line to it.


(transform, run program) = as above, so below


So now here


or to give it a spacial sense, here

•                            •

lurking in this space, although, not sure what it is. Nothing is sweet

•               )·(              •



•               )·(              •


as above so below

•               ⌈                •


the run code, transform run, seek






tear of the moon

Tweet Tweet

bitter · sweet

sweet · bitter

every thing is black and white


(transform, run program) = hold the bitterness, seek


Wombat cubed

dig the heel

springs the life

all things end


none would escape unless it were winged



I may be wrong but sure J.F.C uses a track and trace analogy in his introduction, if you follow the trail of the little dog…………………….

Which is of course a good way to stimulate the imagination of a child.



nothing is sweet



(transform, run program) = θ


Ha Ha

=(Θ · Θ)=

Been looking for something like that, eye of frog, fish on the wave etc. etc.

tau gallicum. What is that?


I just plucked it as I was writing. I like sea beans, but they form the opening chapter to John Campbell’s, collection of folktales

àrna Moire Marie’s Kidney, Martin Martin + J.Cambell

= fairy egg and what came out of it.

Theta, its got some seriously nice signs Ѳ, ѳ fita Cyrillic

Life and resurrection.

beta, alpha, theta, delta, frequency

math sense

used to denote the measurement of an unknown angle?

Meteorology which is something Campbell was involved in. Wondering if I have just lucked out or if not = it looks like (=) a thing. Which is enough


Introduction to ethnographic collection in Scotland. Although the history of the sea bean extends further.


So if this be so then the sense shall be = fairy egg.

Given the precarious state of Gaelic and other minority languages, it seems an appropriate sign.