So (in the movement of rushes)

All things =t.

I glance at text, make a decision truth and judgment. Is it actually so? Truth is, it does not matter, I can sync the text and make it so, alter its inflection.

But it should sync if truth is a theme, unless action and fast paced movement are of more importance than consistency.

Introduction, in terms of truth and its history.

an assembly, it was then it was surely in deep repose and sleep with him.

Assembly, gives me the situation, this is the ritual space in which truth is to be determined (by tradition) and judgment made (the truth of things is incompatible with social distance) .

Act of truth.

Lost vision restored.

Not sure what to make of the cat, its introduction has affected my judgment. I can at least see it watching the birds or the movement of the grass in the wind.

I am at home here.

It sleeps as I type and as I type I look out the window, although that is more a case of lost repose (a thing, sought in nature, caves, the sea and the like).

to sleep, to dream.

I make my presence felt

simius becomes simia.



My exhaustive and definitive not reading the text in order with absolutely no sense of urgency, has eventually lead me to the beginning of the tale.

I read the first couple of lines of one adaption or other.

Number of them.

All I can say is. I am hooked. I had to immediately stop reading and just laugh. Perfect introduction.

Never seen my educational history and experience of the lecture hall summed up so well.


“For they have put a cat’s eye in the place of my eye,”

medicine, vision. More amusingly it opens with ‘a demonstration of skill or art’

Now it happened one day that this young man went out beyond the walls of Tara ; he saw two beautiful noble-faced youths coming over the green towards him ; and they saluted him, and he saluted them in return. And the door-keeper asked news of them : “What place have ye come from, ye two noble-faced youths ?” [said he]. “We are good doctors,” said they. “If ye are good doctors,” said he, “ye will put an eye in the place of my lost eye.” “I could put the eye of that cat in your lap into the place of your eye,” said one of them. “I should like that well,” said the door-keeper. And so they put the cat’s eye into the place of the young man’s [lost] eye.

This [turned out to be] a convenience and an inconvenience to him : for, when he wished to sleep or take rest, then the eye would start at the squeaking of the mice and the flying of the birds, and the motion of the rushes ; and when he wished to watch a host or an assembly, it was then it was surely in deep repose and sleep with him.

Eugene O’Curry’s version, 1870’s or so. Other than straying across a legal reference that interest’s me, no familiarity with the text yet.

But I have at least read the start now, or at least the beginning in one version.

Really need to get a sense of the textual history.

Although just synchronizing and self organizing was the plan. Can I just relentless sync and join up the small section of the texts I glanced at using truth concepts (which are older than the adaption I was reading)?

Mindless, just get it up on its feet and moving. Sense can come later. Make it hold together, see what would simple join up through the use one concept, truth, or more specifically an act of truth.

I can’t think of anything else and it performs a basic task, it impels movement. At the moment, it does not have to work it just has to move off the page.

If it falls flat on its face, so what.

Things change.

is é a ḟíor (for that is the truth of it)

“I swear by the gods of the air,” said Brian, “that if the life came back seven times to you I would take it from you every time.”……………… and they buried him the depth of a man’s body in the earth, and the earth would not receive that murder from them, but cast it up again. Brian said it should go into the earth again, and they put it in the second time, and the second time the earth would not take it. And six times the sons of Turenn buried the body, and six times it was cast up again; but the seventh time it was put underground the earth kept it.

Matter of Fact

When the wolf speaks with a human voice it is the most terrifying thing (I tell no lie)

here the gods are fickle things ( is é a ḟíor)


Losing Consciousness (The unburdened sleeper)

‘Its easier to kill a man than a pig’

Could all unravel in the next moment, as I have done no more than glance at a text.

I paused at this part, with a basic question I could not answer, whats the inflection?

I could not determine it in the moment.

Chance transformed the pig into a horse a couple of hours later. So I heard an interpretation from another time and place once or twice now. Although different world in terms of scale and how it organizes violence.

My first thought was, ‘ it’s no more than to sleep, i.e to kill a man requires no effort, such is the warriors skill.

, is é a ḟíor (that is the truth of it)

fír (truth) at first glance looks like a way in.

Without fir cows will not yield milk, the fields will not produce an abundance of crops.

r has to equal t ( is é a ḟíor)


Double Bummer (A Non Contextual Turn)

Glanced at two lines in a text. In the moment it seems to work.

When in doubt work with what is to hand. In this case, an old ‘error’ conrechta


o= r

r = rule/ rechta

r = emotional state/ rage/ fury

Issue is r has to equal t. (truth). 

Moment of truth.


non-contextual turn

I really like Nick Cave. I don’t posses any of his albums or read what he has to say about his work. It speaks for itself. You can see it.

His sound from release the bats onward, its difficult to miss, so distinct. I have grown up listening to him. Its very easy to relate to his music.

Rhythmic/ Graphic quality.

It all fits with the t.v. show. Visual very rich/ rhythmic match.

I really have no idea why I found it initially so jarring and to an extent still do.

It ticks all the right boxes. One thing flows into the other, and yet at times I find it draws me away rather than into the rhythm of the whole piece.

Music is a perfect fit. It would appear it is me that is out of step here, for reasons that do not appear obvious.

I really do not want to think about this