A la recherche du temps perdu (all is well that begins and has not ended)

four things to be asked of every composition must be asked of this composition, viz., place, and person, and time, and cause of invention.

Time (something yet to be determined for the Irish material).

I do not know yet what it is,
but I can feel it mounting slowly; I can measure the
resistance, I can hear the echo of great spaces


I desire the wood of allabair → future (Irish)

(French) past←I desire the cake of Combray

a rag bag of things

……………..and what of this present?

στάλαγμα ( ισορροπία)

Three drops

Then she draws her brooch out of her mantle and drives it into her cheek till it struck the bone, and then there came out two filaments of milk: yet not a single drop of blood came out………… Then at last by reason of the long squeezing out came a little tiny drop. It was a little drop of water, and there was a little yellow on the surface enough to change its colour………… she put this little driblet on her nail……….

Off topic but I just came across another example.

brooch pin

Two examples/ sowing needle used to draw blood/ brooch pin. Both are sudden and spontaneous; rapid movements.

Although the needle looks like an established tool for the job, to measure and determine the quality of a fluid.

self -experiment/ demonstration/ drawing out time

Aislinge Meic Con Glinne


The four things to be asked of every composition must be asked of this composition, viz., place, and person, and time, and cause of invention.

The place of this composition is great Cork of Munster, and its author is Aniér MacConglinne of the Onaght Glenowra. In the time of Cathal MacFinguine, son of Cúcengairm, or son of Cúcenmáthir, it was made. The cause of its invention was to banish the demon of gluttony that was in the throat of Cathal MacFinguine.

Author (unknown) Aislinge Meic Con Glinne,  CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts


Birds of Airer Lemna


Airer = coastland/ boundary

Lemna = tribal name

So either one would fit.

On the threshold/ liminal space.

Sea bird?

Which would be where my bias would lead me, studied the consumption of sea birds, not familiar with anything else that would fit.

absence/ control & physical possession of objects in a landscape

All is Well That Begins and Has Not Ended (in this emotional state)

Then they start and tremble, they call us by our

In Search of Lost Time

Ath Toncha (ford of washing), so that everyone said: “Rough is this washing!” Hence (the neighbouring fortress Grab-thonach ‘rough washing’ is so called.

The lore of names.

The origin and naming of a historical landscape.

Fíal wife of Lugaid died of shame when she saw the nakedness of her husband, as he bathed in Inber Féile … and in that night Loch Luigdech burst forth over the land.”

The physical creation of a historical landscape.

ecological terror/ internalized topography.


I want to read something for pleasure that I don’t have to think about (thought is something of a grind at the moment, notable by its absence), Proust was attractive but prefer to avoid the night of the living dead, existential amateur eyeball horror of literary funeral director

So instead.

Victory over the Sun, by Patricia Railing and a copy of her facsimile of Malevich’s SUPREMATISM 34

all is well that begins well and has not ended

Past with a future, a living thing ( in my unprofessional imagination). I have a desire to visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and see Dali’s Christ of St John of the Cross or travel back in time to the Tate and the Rothko room in the 80’s, that had that same theatrical impact on entrance.

Spatial sense, presence in the room, its emotional.

No idea if Dali’s work is in the same place, but I should visit. Be in the city some weeks from now, then across the water to Ireland.

Sense of time, past in the present/ present in the past, an Irish mythological sense. Religious rather than political revolution.