ܩܢܘ̈ܡܐ ܗܼܘ ܕܟܝܢܝ̈ܗܘܢ ܢܩܝܦܝܢ ܠܟܘ̈ܢܝܐ ܕܫܡ̈ܗܝܡܘܢ

the actual substances of their natures are connected to the objects named by their names.

qnwm (person, essential nature)


כל קנומי לוטיא דכתיבין על ספרא

‏all the curse-laden imprecations written in the book.

qynwm (oath) thought to relate to Aramaic, grm = bodily form of a person


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Kyana, Qnoma, Parsopa, Curse of having it hanging on the wall, each time I time I pass, you glance at it and think, I really should look see how it contrasts with Irish material.

I can digress into werewolves, start with an Isidore gag on self, end suspiciously reasonably/recht (I can but dream, certianly in veripellis mode).

veripellis (well at least its Isidore, what’s the Syriac?)

qantropos/ arabic qutrub

Irish= confael/ conrechta

Irish terms immediately stand out gendered feminine stem, that wild things have (?). Its old fael = howl, sound, rather than the physical form of later terms, very old.

I can mute the subject, but that requires 7th century text →later gloss→ folklore and the faeries (why do they come without being called? Back to the future, form informing).

Contextual nightmare, the Irish material, conservative literary culture, implies some degree of stability, something to whistle with in the dark I suppose.

Continuity/ consistency of ideas = important thing, in the translation of ancient philosophical texts, when dealing with variation in manuscripts.

confael, conrechta

Vexing things.


Gloss on glosses (its just one thing after another)

*In a few moments, however, the realities of things were re-established

and why is it that the faeries should come without being called?

Its not this bone I mean to stick

But my true lover’s heart I mean to prick

Wishing him neither rest nor sleep

Until he comes to me to speak

Attitudes are shaped by one core value: fairness; the villagers strongly resent unfair usage of supernatural powers against those who cannot protect themselves.

= Iura inventa metu iniusti fateare necesse est

c’est quoi angelique?


cum prorepserunt primis analia terris/ when animals crawled from the new earth

mutum et turpe pecus/ mute, shapeless, unsightly

Horace, Satires



nature of things/ origin of abstraction

Note (not an evil in itself)

What is the nature of this thing?

Of topic, but I just caught sight of it. From a late 17th century introduction to things. From memory, I should check really.

              Faut pas prendre les enfants du bon dieu pour des canards sauvages

Iura inventa metu iniusti fateare necesse est

Waffle (time and motion)

The general indicator I am concerned about something. Waffle.

Here sequencing and precision. Also, absent contextual philosophical history (German, history, mid 20th century, philosophical matter).

Also got the same set of issues when I move back in time.

Isadore of Saville (contemporary context here is Iberia/ Spain), takes a trip to early medieval Ireland, differences exist.

Can’t ignore philosophy here, can’t ignore context as I am not a philosopher.

the sea pushes us towards the barbarians and the barbarians push us towards the sea (barbarian/ pejorative term = ba ba ba = outsiders who speak in an outlandish language, in this case bearded /in white marble, giant sized)

I need to turn this round (somehow)

I should (A clinical arrangement on a Sunday Afternoon)

have had my camera.

here, where the wild things are

I should have built an observation mound,

above the village

beyond the tiger goddesses

ill- determined chatter


Half-starved, beaten


the fleeting spirit.

But measurable.

A fitting introduction.

State Youre Position (Vacances Exist)

who are you and where do you come from (greeting/ standard formula)?

Name/ place (classification)


all things are appropraitly described

Identify with the subject (the observer rather than the thing itself in this example )

all things being =

second sight of the subject

hierarchical arrangement/ social consensus


I inform/ I bring to the attention of….*

coming to terms with a thing

Two (form informing)


Tut, tut, tutting

ground, insects

in the absence

of the purple-flowered


Safe to tread.

Was that a flash of red?

In the green?

Not at its end.

Winter is coming.

one of two things; buzz (in the absence of birds)


On an unrelated note. My definition of Math, it’s not moved on much.


Pig in space

Pig = language

So in the complete absence of any determinable space or object.

The dawning of zero

nothing from something.

I need to turn that round.


no point of reference/ authority