Today’s Headline

Are Tory M.Ps willing to be taken for fools by Boris Johnstone, Gaby Hinsliff

Number of fool/ descent into the mire themes in a number of articles, just finished reading.

Modern sense. Honour/ shame, it has a past.

Some of the comments over the week, see a thing often presented as very British, ‘reserved, understated.’

Sue Grays report and many of the older senior civil servants and ministers appearing in the media. Classic illustrations of that British administrative style.

I heard an old Minister from Thatchers cabinet, give a wonderful example, almost a curse ‘that the image of the queen alone and isolated, would hang round his neck for all time.’

‘ and printed in a Conservative supporting paper. A Conservative paper!

Reserved and understated disgust. A highly controlled burn, perfectly inflected.

Curiously British, of such things are identities made.

Or lost.

all things being equal : In praise of folly

Of The Hollow and the bump

And Christ cried out in a loud voice, so that his sound was heard throughout the land and his words at the ends of the earth

The manner of this Oracle the Prophet sheweth to be with an hollow low voice; as, Thy speech shall bee low out of the dust, and thy voice shall be as of one that hath a familiar spirit

explained that wine barrels break if their bungholes are not occasionally opened to let the in the air.

And a jolly full Punch Bowl came next into play, / When a hollow voice spoke from the bottom o’th’ Bowl, / Mighty God of strong Liquors

hollow voiced (of the nightingale)

Edit. definitely a bump.

for Ross

So Ending the day


I am politely directed to Bakhtin etc., and the unsophisticated nature of popular mediaeval culture (above Irish ‘Renaissance Man’) .

On Thomas More and family, an attempt to date, using anecdote in the absence of a sword with a heavy ‘looks like’ hint (deal with that next).

I can determine the fool does indeed appear to be in the image, that’s about it so far.


the sword is drawn

Shit Heap

Historia Brittonum

synthetic history ( synthesising/ synchronizing) In context here, a dating issue

source (preface) ‘I have heaped all I have found.’

synthetic history= synthesising/ synchronizing, establishing a time line, sources in a historical order.

I feel the need to vaguely explain




Historia Brittonum


Orangutang Vampire I presume

by genre and by species (@sabinehills. defence, all things A are L.M.)

My lord writes faster than I can read (pause/ mute) on bundle, couple of minutes (standard)

synthetic history ( synthesising/ synchronizing) the sword is drawn

My philosophical history is dire, I am a suspicious reader here, I’m in no hurry. (?) See Plotinus and his world reference (which is really no more a reference to the labyrinth; ball of thread leading to the door of the library at Byzantium)


The Perilous Bridge

After dinner into a withdrawing room; and there we talked, among other things, of the Lord Mayor’s sword. They tell me this sword, they believe, is at least a hundred or two hundred years old; and another that he hath, which is called the Black Sword, which the Lord Mayor wears when he mournes, but properly is their Lenten sword to wear upon Good Friday and other Lent days, is older than that.


Diary of Samuel Pepys, September 1663[2]. City of London Swords, wiki


(1)Laloecen (2) Laloecen

(1) dream → biblical model (recorded)?

(2) vision → ethnographic model (observed/ recorded)

And so to Wales (Beyond that?)

dream ← vision

vision → dream




So (The Bottomless Pit)

A holy natural (not artificial fool) → with a wild man

Lets just call him Laloecen Laloecen (or Merlin Merlin if you like, I’m easy). Draw the distinction later.

Is that a vision or is it a dream? (recht? Not sure, yet)