Oh My God Covid

I have recently been to Ireland. Attend my sons wedding (100 guests) just at the start of the new variant was touch and go wither the event would go ahead as planned.

Everyone was fully vaccinated no infections!

It was a joy, Irish seriously welcoming. Chance just to forget about everything and spend time with family old and new.

The new, surrounded by small scale cattle farmers (very rural community, everyone seemed to be related by family ties or a close working relationship and social proximity).

Return in the summer hopefully, to do a spot of modern ethnographic research, look round some cow farms, ask some questions, go to the pub (1)!

One of the most curious moments of the night was three pints of lager in and a few whisky chasers I meet Southern Ireland’s biggest Nigel Farage fan. Lot of concern about Brexit (right on the southern half of the border). 

Of course any ethnography, I am not attached to a military reconnaissance unit (honest!).

The subject has a long relationship with state administration.


(1) One of the older residents got a clip round the ear from his wife. He was making references to my son and ‘an unattended horse box’

Like the language you find in the Islands here. ‘I hear you have a ship without a rudder’ etc. Better than saying ‘I fancy you’re daughter.’

Historically, that is quite a dangerous moment in a kin based society.

Small scale society, close social proximity. Careful monitoring of language and behaviour.

clip round the ear

I saw whole cultures and languages, rise and fall in that moment (I have an imagination, prone to the dramatic).

of small things

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