Top Travel Tips for Ireland and rural feasting!


Take the ferry rather than the plane, its seriously relaxing (don’t overlook Belfast as a point to arrive at. google ‘taxi tours of the city,’ and book one!). I will have to do it next time, more risk averse as I was about to attend a large scale event, one of two major things to do in the city (Titanic exhibition is the other).

Bring you’re own lunch (its expensive otherwise). Pack some sun glasses even in the winter, I did not, but it was like a summers day outside on the deck, dazzling in the sun and the water (amazing views of Scotland and Ireland to be had).

Be prepared for a warm welcome. People like to talk, if you are from a city get use to strangers saying hallo and asking how you are, its a thing.

Take care with any discussion’s related to horse boxes.

Oh My God Covid

I have recently been to Ireland. Attend my sons wedding (100 guests) just at the start of the new variant was touch and go wither the event would go ahead as planned.

Everyone was fully vaccinated no infections!

It was a joy, Irish seriously welcoming. Chance just to forget about everything and spend time with family old and new.

The new, surrounded by small scale cattle farmers (very rural community, everyone seemed to be related by family ties or a close working relationship and social proximity).

Return in the summer hopefully, to do a spot of modern ethnographic research, look round some cow farms, ask some questions, go to the pub (1)!

One of the most curious moments of the night was three pints of lager in and a few whisky chasers I meet Southern Ireland’s biggest Nigel Farage fan. Lot of concern about Brexit (right on the southern half of the border). 

Of course any ethnography, I am not attached to a military reconnaissance unit (honest!).

The subject has a long relationship with state administration.


(1) One of the older residents got a clip round the ear from his wife. He was making references to my son and ‘an unattended horse box’

Like the language you find in the Islands here. ‘I hear you have a ship without a rudder’ etc. Better than saying ‘I fancy you’re daughter.’

Historically, that is quite a dangerous moment in a kin based society.

Small scale society, close social proximity. Careful monitoring of language and behaviour.

clip round the ear

I saw whole cultures and languages, rise and fall in that moment (I have an imagination, prone to the dramatic).

of small things

Oh My God Crumpet!

A) Now when into their fenced holds, the knaves are entered in,
To smite and knock the cattle down, the hangmen do begin.
One plucks off the dress coat, which he even now did wear:
Another lacking pans, to boil the flesh, his hide prepare.
C) These thieves attend upon the fire, for serving up the feast:
B) And Friar Smellfeast sneaking in, doth preach amongst the best.
Who plays in Romish toys the ape, by counterfeiting Paul:
For which they do award him then, the highest room of all.
Who being set, because the cheer, is deemed little worth:
Except the same be intermixed and laced with Irish mirth.
D) Both bard, and harper, is prepared, which by their cunning art,
Do busk and cheer up all the guests, with comfort at the heart.

Beware the Cat, published in 1561, is a short early English novel written by William Baldwin (Gulielmus Baldwin) in early 1553 and dedicated to the actor John Young….. Last Christmas I was at Court with Master Ferrers, who was Master of the King’s Majesty’s pastimes at the time. We were rehearsing some sketches for the King’s recreation and in our lodgings at night we talked of various things that might be incorporated in the sketches.

Text, put that down as part of entertainment, or speech at a feast concerning Cats (for the sake of convenience).

I am on the wrong side of the tracks at the moment, this is all I have (still to backtrack and check the above comments from the modernized text are accurate). 

Early days

What about the image that accompanies this text about an Irish lord and his retinue on a cattle raid?

Who is John Young?


Grey Wolf?

The interlinked stories feature a version of “The King of the Cats”, an Irish werewolf, the Grimalkin


Beware the Cat- A Modern English Version

cu (dog/ wolf) glass (green/grey/blue)



To smite and knock the cattle down, the hangmen do begin.

All Englishmen may thank God for a privilege they have. For it is said that in Ireland and Wales robbers are found who steal cows, oxen, and other beasts of their neighbours, for which they are openly called robbers. But in England, praise be to God, it is not so. Among us these gentlemen are called schalvadours; for they break into the treasures of the great and carry off their goods, and drive away cattle and spoil the monks and the poor, and have no conscience about it, but rejoice greatly when they can spoil an abbot or monk or merchant, and say: Certainly it was God’s will that such a boor fell into our hands to-day. So they think that whatever they do is just and reasonable.”

Equality under law.

Dating of the text, an argument. Does it have a relationship with the application of English criminal law in Ireland to the Irish? Or some other feature which makes Irish judicial system strong and the English system weak (or enough to make a rhetorical argument out of it)?

I presume this is a reference to central authority in England not being in a position to exert proper authority and power? Or so it is claimed?

Later example from Ireland, but that is the English system of criminal sanction gearing up to act in this example.

Moving from one subject to the next at speed, without much clarity. Partly (but not wholly) the nature of Beware the Cat, number of subjects, all of interest, wrapped up at a particular moment in time.

 Not much in the way of answers. Questions, questions.

I need to at least start indexing and categorizing posts. Separating out into the different subjects.

Oh Rose Thou Art (shall I ever see thee red?)

Of Tomorrow?

The chorus excitedly rushed about and muttered “Rhubarb!”

A key property of conscious sensations is their integrated nature. You are not aware of isolated percepts, but of a single, unifying experience. When holding a rose, you smell its fragrance and see its red petals while feeling its textured stem with your fingers.


F. C. Crick, C. Koch. What is the Function of the claustrum.

I. Timofeev, S. Chauvette, Global control of sleep slow wave activity

A.P. Herbert, Holy Deadlock


Beware the cat, curious relationship with historical research on sleep. It has a curious relationship with a number of things.

Synchronization, rhythm questions.

old post (with added rhubarb), history of the rose, h.t. anonymous,