Oh Rose Thou Art (shall I ever see thee red?)

Of Tomorrow?

The chorus excitedly rushed about and muttered “Rhubarb!”

A key property of conscious sensations is their integrated nature. You are not aware of isolated percepts, but of a single, unifying experience. When holding a rose, you smell its fragrance and see its red petals while feeling its textured stem with your fingers.


F. C. Crick, C. Koch. What is the Function of the claustrum.

I. Timofeev, S. Chauvette, Global control of sleep slow wave activity

A.P. Herbert, Holy Deadlock


Beware the cat, curious relationship with historical research on sleep. It has a curious relationship with a number of things.

Synchronization, rhythm questions.

old post (with added rhubarb), history of the rose, h.t. anonymous,

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